I am Katrina Lokko and I am excited to share The BOLD Shift community with you.  My desire is that you discover how amazing you are, and how unique Papa (God) designed you.

By entering this site, it tells me that you are ready to be pushed off the cliff into the safety net of your own destiny, and it only takes a second to give your mindset a BOLD shift. 

What is this Bold & Unique Lifestyle? 

This BNU lifestyle is your mind being elevated to who you were created to be, It's learning how to take back your own voice, your space, your life, it's allowing wisdom to teach you how to BE, It's  about boldly embracing your uniqueness, and accepting that you have the right to quality of life. 




Growing up as early as 6 years old, I had people in my life that told me I would never be good for anything. They told me I was ugly, too skinny, too fat, too dark, and to loud. I was also told that God himself rejected me. 
I was molested, had a very serious eye disease, and told I was mentally retarded.  All of this led me down a path of self hate, self destruction, bitterness, unforgiveness, partying, bad decisions, wrong view point, hating God, hating people, and once faced with a brick wall, I wanted to end this life and go where ever pain did not exist.  

One day in my mid 20's while laying on the bathroom floor drunk, Papa (God) Himself came and took all the pain and revealed to me the life that He created just for me, and I have never been the same, nor have I looked back.  His power filled that room and held me in His arm the entire night, He took me into another dimension where the real me was being held captive.  From that time and even to this day, I have never desired to go back to the impostor.
That's why my desire for you is higher than you may even desire for yourself, and that's why I may be the loudest mouth in the room, or I could be the most silent: I've learned that they both still speak just as loud. That's why you may see me loving myself openly like a mad women.  That's why you may see me enter a room like I own it.  I will not be excused, nor apologize and neither should you. 



Ordained Minister
Pastor to Entrepreneurs
Spiritual Adviser to leadership
Economic Development Advocate

       WOAW Media Consulting Firm LLC

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       FMD Global TV

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       Bold & Unique Living

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       DMS Coaching Concept
       Business Building Begins With You    https://www.amazon.com/dp/1511793066/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_W5ZVTB3PB2NWYHC1F9SE

Business Consultant:


Three things that I am always asked
   1. How did you break free?
   2. How do you remain free?
   3. Why do you care?

Freedom of any kind comes with first acknowledging the problem, and walking away from it.  It is not easy but once you learn to love yourself more, then the problem seems so small, till suddenly one day you forget about it. (LOTS OF PRAYER AND FASTING)
In order to maintain your freedom, you first must embrace peace & joy. Stay away from things that still your peace and joy, that could be people, places, or things. (LOTS OF PRAYER AND FASTING)

I care because I know how it feels to be stuck, laughed at, put down, rejected, abandoned, and made to feel like you don't matter.  
I enjoy seeing my people set free and live a quality life.

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